Emerging technologies such as electric vehicles (EVs) and connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) will impact the regional transportation system and it is important to plan now to meet future needs created by technological changes. A primary reason for an Electric Vehicle Readiness and Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Plan is to create a resource for future discussions and collaboration to help the region begin to address emerging technologies on a regional level. This plan does not propose any new regional policies or strategies, but parts of this work will inform future policy development during the next update to the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP).

Under federal law, the MPO must prepare a Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), in accordance with 49 USC 5303(i) to accomplish local objectives with respect to the development of the metropolitan area’s transportation network. This plan includes priorities for managing and operating a multi-modal transportation system (including transit, highway, bicycle, pedestrian, and accessible transportation) to meet the region’s economic, transportation, development and sustainability goals for a 20+ year planning horizon. Under state law, each RTPO must prepare a Regional Transportation Plan meeting the same general requirements outlined for MPO’s. The CWCOG prepares a Regional Transportation Plan to meet all of the requirements.

CWCOG is required by federal and state regulations to develop a Transportation Improvement Program for its Metropolitan and Regional Transportation Planning Organization that covers a four-year period. The Metropolitan/Regional Transportation Improvement Program (M/RTIP) identifies and priorities federally funded and/or regionally significant transportation projects within both the MPO and RTPO. One of the primary purposes is the M/RTIP is to identify the transportation projects to be included on the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) for Washington or Oregon. Throughout the fiscal year, the MPO approves resolutions to amend the M/RTIP. Related to the M/RTIP, an Annual Listing of Obligated Projects is published annually in March to track the progress made towards implementation of projects programmed in the M/RTIP. The Annual Listing of Obligated Projects is a federal requirement and only includes projects in the MPO and Cowlitz County.

M/RTIP Amendments
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Listing of Obligated Projects