Mobility Management

The overall goal of the Regional Mobility Management Program is to coordinate resources to improve the availability and accessibility of transportation services for persons with disabilities, youth, aging adults, rural populations, and individuals of lower income.

As part of the Mobility Management Program, the Mobility Management Coordinator will work with transportation and human service providers serving Cowlitz, Grays Harbor, Lewis, Pacific, and Wahkiakum Counties – the regional area covered by the Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Planning Organization (SWRTPO), as well as providers serving the cities of Longview, Kelso and Rainier, Oregon – the urbanized area covered by the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).

The objective of the SWRTPO Regional Mobility Management Program is to provide equity within our transportation system giving the same level of service to all populations. Program strategies are as follows:

  •  Provide safe and efficient travel options for the most vulnerable regional populations;
  •  Visibly improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of the travel services being delivered;
  •  Provide information on the full range of travel options available including those within public transportation;
  •  Focus on innovation and transform usual business practices to improve upon the user’s navigation of regional public transportation systems;
  •  Cultivate partnerships by encouraging multi-agency collaboration;
  •  Connect community services and programs to improve coordination of transportation;
  •  Provide area residents a single point of contact to access information on available transportation options; and,
  •  Overcome transportation barriers by providing support through a network of coordinated region-wide transportation services.

Contact Information

If you have questions or want more information about the Mobility Management Program; travel trainings; or mobility services, contact Lauren Read.

Lauren Read
Mobility Management Coordinator
360-577-3041 ext. 105

Ken Pearrow
Transportation Planner/GIS
360-577-3041 ext. 106

These resources are aimed to help navigate public transportation in the Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Planning Organization (SWRTPO) and the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) regions.

Included is information for transportation services organized by county and by need. Intercity connections are also part of the lists to help give a broader and more complete picture of mobility options within the region.

Community Events

Information on various community events will be listed here.

Travel Training

Travel training events from the CWCOG and transit agencies will be listed here when available.