Weekly Reader

Friday, May 8, 2020

Economic Development
Here is an article reflecting on never before experienced fiscal challenges for local government. The story is focused on Los Angeles and features thoughts from the former CAO for the City of LA during the last recession.

The Governor allows construction to restart on a limited basis. Click here for a story on this from The Urbanist.

Initial Unemployment Claims from last week’s labor Market release from the Washington Employment Security Department. Click here for the entire release.

County                      Week of April 19-25    Week of April 12-18    Over the Week change
Cowlitz                                          1,457                             899                                     558
Wahkiakum                                      51                                22                                       29

This from the National Association of Development Organizations “Total vehicle miles traveled in the U.S. this year could potentially fall to levels not seen since as far back as the 1970s if shelter-in-place orders continue for a few more months, according to a new report from the Brookings Institute. “We’ve never seen a drop in VMT like the one underway today,” write Adie Tomer and Lara Fishbane. The report goes a level deeper with numbers from Streetlight Data, which uses vehicle and cell phone location services to track driving habits. A few insights: “Metropolitan populations were responsive to stay-at-home orders, leading to larger drops in driving the longer orders were in place,” the report says. They also saw larger shares of workers in high-information and management industries have a significant negative impact on driving. And Democratic leaning counties were also far more likely to reduce their driving.”

Community Development / Other
Click here for a story on the critical importance of broadband access for all. According to the article from the Kauffman Foundation, “A panel of experts discuss how the school shutdowns caused by the pandemic is only making it more difficult for vulnerable students to receive a quality education.”

Here is a piece from Eric Hovee, ED Hovee Company, LLC on the Price of the Coraonavirus.

Here is a link to the Governor’s recovery plan.

The Pew Charitable foundation recently released a newsletter with several good stories on what it takes to move forward in life and the issue of lifelong learning.” Most Americans say you need additional skills and training to advance at work. And many are doing just that: Forty-five percent say they have gotten extra training to improve their job skills in the past 12 months. Click here for more on the issue.


Here is a series of videos from the Western Governors newsletter:
Part I: COVID-19 Economic Impacts and Mitigation in Rural Communities: Panelists from various federal agencies highlighted the many resources available to rural communities to mitigate the economic impacts of COVID-19. Watch
Part II: COVID-19 Economic Impacts and Mitigation in Rural Communities:
This conversation featured officials from rural communities in the West sharing strategies for mitigating the economic impacts of COVID-19 and how they will move on to long-term recovery. Watch
Rural Health Response to COVID-19: Idaho’s Blaine County was an early hot spot of COVID-19 cases and in mid-March had one of the country’s highest per capita infection rates. County leaders explain how they responded and continue to manage the virus. Watch
Community Anchor Institution Connectivity: The webinar examined federal programs that direct broadband investments to schools, libraries, hospitals, and community centers, as well as how anchor institutions have served students and communities during the pandemic. Watch