Weekly Reader

Friday, June 12, 2020

Economic Development
Here is a piece from Industry Week about the importance of planning and the need for businesses and others to take time to pull together a strong continuity plan. The CWCOG just submitted its application to the Economic Development Administration that includes funding to provide technical assistance throughout the region to assist in the development of continuity and resilience plans. Watch for additional information.

What should our regional priorities be as we approach Pandemic recovery efforts? This article from Brookings points to youth as the focal point on a global scale. Click here for the story.

The promise of smart rural communities and why it matters. Click here for the report from Deloitte.

Do you know a business needing financing to expand and grow? There are options available including SBA 504 Loans and if they are in the City of Longview, the Longview Revolving Loan program. The CWCOG/Longview program will be receiving a recapitalization of the program and will have an extra $540,000 to loan. Target loan size is $50,000 to $100,000. Call the CWCOG or go the CWCOC.org for additional information.

According to Main Street America, we are likely to see increase business startup activity. This is based on results following previous economic downturns. Click here for the story.

The Cowlitz Economic Development Council recently announced the availability of funds for businesses located in Cowlitz County. The funds are provided to the CEDC by Cowlitz County and the County intentionally made the grants business friendly with little paperwork and it even includes payroll for employees as an eligible expense.  Funding can be used towards traditional expenses, such as consulting, marketing, and training. In addition, this emergency grant can be used towards operational expenses, such as rent, supplies/inventory, utility bills, etc.  Requests from businesses can go all the way up to $35,000 while the WWBEG was capped at $10,000.  The deadline to submit the application is Friday, June 26th at 5pm. The application can be found at the CEDC website www.cowlitzedc.com. For direct access follow this link – http://www.cowlitzedc.com/events/cowlitz-county-cares-act-emergency-business-grant

Grant funding opportunities

Community Development / Other
This quote came to me from Ron Kitchens, an associate in Michigan, and I thought it might be appropriate to share and encourage that we all consider a more positive approach to life. “Whatever anybody says or does, assume positive intent. You will be amazed at how your whole approach to a person or problem becomes very different. When you assume negative intent, you’re angry. If you take away that anger and assume positive intent, you will be amazed”. —Indra Nooyi

Here is a look back at how census slogans have called on the entire country to stand up and be counted since 1940. Click here for access to the story of the census. Make sure you go to 2020census.gov to complete your 2020 census if you have not already completed yours.