Weekly Reader

Friday, October 18, 2019

Economic Development
The Workforce Availability Ratio, a metric developed by the U.S. Chamber, measures the number of available workers for every job opening.

More information on job skills can be found here. This is a graphic showing the middle skill jobs required to keep the economic working in Washington State. Here is the link to the source of the information at the National Skills Coalition.

Here is the monthly employment report from the Washington Employment Security Department.

Staff continues to engage in the Cowlitz -Wahkiakum Executive Workforce Advisory Council in efforts to promote career connected education throughout the region. This group will continue to bring business, labor and educational resources together to provide stronger results for the area’s youth and provide better job candidates throughout the region. Watch for occasional updates. Click here for an interesting graphic on the Anatomy of the Skills Gap as proposed by ED Morrison.

Click here for access to the Longview/Kelso/Rainier Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Architecture information. The ITS Architecture is developed to provide a roadmap for transportation systems integration. The architecture was developed through a cooperative effort by the region’s transportation agencies, covering all modes and all roads in the region. It represents a shared vision of how each agency’s systems will work together in the future, sharing information and resources to provide a safer, more efficient, and more effective transportation system for travelers in the region. The purpose of this regional ITS architecture web site is to encourage use of the regional ITS architecture and gather feedback so that the architecture is used and continues to reflect the intelligent transportation system vision for the region.

Community Development / Other
Here is an educational update from the Kauffman Foundation outlining the needs of high school education system regarding workforce readiness. Education must include practical opportunities to fail and take risks, and to gain real-world experience that develops the skills typically absent from syllabi.

Here is a link to the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University including a new report on Housing America’s Older Adults. According to the report “Housing inequality is becoming increasingly evident among older Americans as the number of older households climbs to unprecedented levels. Between 2012 and 2017, the number of households headed by someone 65 or older jumped from 27 million to 31 million and will continue to grow. At the same time, the number of older adults facing housing cost burdens reached an all-time high of 10 million, income disparities are widening, and white-minority gaps in home ownership have expanded…”

Up-coming events and activities

  • CWCOG Board of Directors, October 24, Noon, Cowlitz Event Center
  • CWCOG Executive Committee, October 24, 1:15 pm, Cowlitz Event Center