Weekly Reader

Friday, September 20, 2019

Economic Development
Here is a one-page document from the Kauffman Foundation called Visions of the Future that is discussing the disconnect between high school and the real world. Learn more about what people think the next generations of workers need to be future-readyClick here for the full report.

Rethinking educating to make graduates – workers – future proof. Click here for the story.

The Pew Charitable Trust recently released an article on rural economic development suggesting the wealth of the area is based on the culture and place, not GDP. Click here for the story.

The RTPO Board met this week and had the initial look at a draft update of the Interlocal Agreement for the State of Washington Regional Transportation Planning program. The five-county RTPO was created in 1990 and serves the communities in Cowlitz, Wahkiakum, Lewis, Grays Harbor and Pacific counties.

Transit benefits statistics from the Rural Transit Assistance Program –

Click here for more details and resources from the Rural Transit Assistance Program.

More from the Rural Transit Assistance Program, “National Renewable Energy Laboratory conducted a study to better understand which groups of people will likely adopt automated vehicle (AV) technology first, how respondents currently travel, and how respondents may change their travel patterns if AVs are widely adopted. Results of Energy Implications of Current Travel and the Adoption of Automated Vehicles  indicated that rural residents were the least likely (32%) of all the groups surveyed to ride in an AV.” The CWCOG is working on an Electric Vehicle (EV) Readiness and Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Plan. Watch for additional information in the coming months.

Each year, during the third week in September, FHWA celebrates National Roundabouts Week to raise awareness about this safe and efficient intersection design. Modern roundabouts reduce severe crashes by approximately 80 percent compared to traditional two-way stop-controlled intersections.

Community Development / Other
This PDF document is a Special Public Notice for Phase II of the Paperless Initiative of the Seattle District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Regulatory Branch (Corps).  In an effort to streamline processes and reduce paper waste, the Corps will be requiring electronic submission of permit applications and documents in certain counties in Washington State.  Please see the document which details the format for electronic submission of materials.

Up-coming events and activities

  • CWCOG Board of Directors meeting, September 26, noon to 1 pm, Cowlitz Event Center, 1900 7th Ave, Longview
  • CWCOG Executive Committee meeting, September 26, 1:15 pm, Cowlitz Event Center, 1900 7th Ave, Longview